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World Book Day – Reading is for life, not just for childhood

Did you know it’s World Book Day today? It’s easily overlooked if you’re not a parent who spent the morning frantically getting your children into literary costumes (Harry Potter and Wilbur the pig from Charlotte’s Web in my household this year).  

While it’s mostly a fun way of encouraging children to read more, World Book Day serves as a nice reminder for adults too.  Reading for pleasure is an excellent way of building vocabulary and creative thinking, key skills for a PR and marketing agency like Code Red.  

Certainly, most of us at Code Red are keen readers when we find the time. For the last few years, we’ve held a regular book club to get together and share our thoughts on chosen books over a drink. Whether unravelling a twisty whodunnit or getting lost in a love story, we’ve all enjoyed broadening our literary horizons. 

As Content Manager at Code Red, books are especially near to my heart. My childhood love of reading certainly shaped my career path through becoming a journalist and moving into PR and content creation. Having a couple of decades of reading experience comes in handy when crafting compelling copy for our clients and cutting to the core of complex cyber security topics. My content team colleagues draw on a similar love of reading to fuel their work. 

But even if you’re not as word obsessed as me, a strong understanding of the subtleties of language is essential in the PR and marketing field. Whether it’s shaping a story to catch the attention of journalists, or helping our clients create the perfect messaging for their brand and mission, those skills are behind most of what we do. 

So even if you haven’t had to dress your kids as the Boy Who Lived or Zuckerman’s Famous Pig today, try and find some time to settle down with a good book.  

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