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This Week in Cybersecurity: Latest News, Insights, and Analysis

The world of cybersecurity never sleeps. With the latest cyber-attacks, new emerging threats, and groundbreaking security solutions surfacing every week, we bring you the latest happenings around the industry every week. 


Latest cyber attacks and data breach – April 2022 


Pegasus spyware detected in PM Boris Johnson’s office

The latest report from the analytical organisation Citizen Lab revealed that the private networks of the UK Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office were infected with Pegasus spyware on several occasions throughout 2020 and 2021. Although the specific adversaries behind the attack haven’t been identified yet, the spyware has been traced back to the UAE (United Arab Emirates). The UAE government and the GCC Cybersecurity Council have declined to make any comments on the matter. 


NATO’s annual cyber exercise is underway in Tallinn

On Tuesday, NATO’s large-scale cyber defense exercise Locked Shields started in Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn. Over two thousand security professionals from 65 countries took part in the annual event. This year’s event has focused on the latest wave of cyberattacks being used in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Locked Shields provides a unique opportunity for countries to sharpen their security skills through scenario-driven simulated exercises. The event also allows countries to demonstrate their operational security capabilities on a grand stage. 


The North-Korean Lazarus group linked to major blockchain heist

The infamous Lazarus group from North Korea has allegedly pulled off a massive cryptocurrency heist from the popular blockchain game, Axie Infinity. The hackers breached the Ronin Netowork, the decentralised platform which operates the games blockchain system. The U.S. Treasury’s Office quickly implemented sanctions against the Lazarus Group to restrict them from liquidating the stolen crypto. So far, almost 18% of the stolen cryptocurrencies have been laundered by the group using a cryptocurrency mixer called “Tornado Cash”. 

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