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As every marketing professional knows, video is key when it comes to developing engaging content for your website, or to post on social media sites. 

Developing great video content that will really strike a chord with cyber security professionals requires a knowledge of the market, an understanding of what resonates with your specialist audience as well as a professionally produced video that is of a high quality to impress your prospects without breaking the budget.

Code Red can write, storyboard, shoot and edit broadcast quality videos, using our specialist knowledge of the cybersecurity market, together with our expertise in video production. Our content covers customer case studies, thought leadership and technical expertise, round tables, Vox pops and interviews with key spokespeople.

Industry knowledge and understanding creates quality content that resonates

“I chose to work with Code Red because the quality of content they produce is excellent. We created a lead-gen campaign for B2B IT-decisionmakers together and so far, results have been really good. We work with Code Red due to their level of expertise in the cyber security industry. Their knowledge and understanding of the industry mean we can trust them to create quality content that will resonate with our target audiences. They are our go-to agency for our key campaigns”
Noora Hyvärinen, Senior Global Marketing Manager, WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce

Case Study Helping WithSecure’ secure Salesforce

In 2022, Code Red was tasked with creating content to help promote WithSecure’s capabilities in securing Salesforce. A thought leadership eBook was the main focus, but WithSecure also required a range of supporting content including social posts, ads and blogs. 

WithSecure wanted to highlight its Cloud Protection for Salesforce solution, as well as its status as a thought leader and trusted advisor on all things related to securing Salesforce environments. 

The focus of the campaign was an 3,400 word ebook titled ‘The anatomy of a Salesforce supply chain attack’, which explored how threat actors can exploit the extended third-party Salesforce environment and connectivity features to evade security defences. Project deliverables included: 

Since its launch, the Salesforce supply chain project has been a successful lead generator for WithSecure’s Salesforce security solutions. Downloads for the eBook and engagements from the supporting webinar and social campaign have helped fill a pipeline for the Cloud Protection for Salesforce solution and WithSecure’s expertise in the field. 

The ‘go to’ agency for campaigns delivered!

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Insight Why should I listen to you? Three key tips for drafting an effective byline

The phrase ‘everyone has an opinion’ has long been used to justify differences between individuals. But the real question that people should be asking is: ‘Why should you listen to mine?’

In the world of PR and Marketing, opinion articles, or ‘bylines’, frequently pop up in magazines and newspapers on any number of different topics and discussion points. 

Picture this, you are with a group of people having a conversation about a mutual topic of interest. Throughout the conversation, there are several moments when you feel you have something to add to the discussion. In the same way that shouting out and projecting all your opinions on the topic does not guarantee you attention or agreement, sending out opinion articles one after the other will not necessarily generate greater exposure. 

Choosing to value quantity over quality will not secure you the results you seek.

Instead, keep the essence of your article at the forefront, clear of any confounding discourse. At each stage, think back to that overarching question: Why should anyone listen to me? You undoubtedly have valuable insights to share, so make sure you are doing it in the most effective way possible.

Code Red’s own research highlights the significance of opinion articles: for almost three in five UK businesses, thought leadership increases respect, trust and perception of an organisation’s capabilities.