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Credible, experienced, and known in the sector

Drawing on over two decades of cybersecurity specialism to build awareness, visibility and engagement amongst the world’s leading cybersecurity industry analysts. 

Industry analysts are important influencers for customers, prospects, investors and the media. Regular briefings with relevant analysts will help spread word of new technological innovation, acquisitions, and company growth, as well as the credibility of gaining exposure in industry reports.  

Code Red has close relationships with the leading analyst houses and whether you want a briefing with Bloor or a catch-up with Kuppinger Cole, we can ensure your key spokespeople have regular contact with the most influential analysts.

Case Study Raising the profile of Vectra profile within the UK’s Media

The agency was appointed by Vectra in March 2018 with the objective of raising its profile within UK Media and establishing the company as thought leaders in the area of automated threat hunting and AI.

Through a series of proactive media campaigns, combined with an efficient process for generating breaking news commentary, Vectra’s spokespeople have become valued media contributors on cyber security issues ranging from how AI can be used to fight cyber attacks through to the latest regulatory requirements that organisations need to adhere to in order to protect data. 

Share of Voice is a key metric for Vectra as they seek to position themselves as the leader in the market against its core competitor. Prior to working with the agency, Vectra were behind their competitor, Darktrace. However, since engaging with éclat, Vectra achieved leading SoV with 54.86% and this position was maintained throughout the following 2 years.

The Campaign Delivered!

leading Share of Voice
media reach increase in 2019 compared to 2018
increase in coverage in 2019

Insight Top tips for successfully pitching cyber security analysts

Analyst houses set the tone for an industry, including the cyber security sector. 

They keep organisations informed about market trends and publish research about products and services, making them a highly influential advisory group. Unlike regular media pitching, analysts are interested in the product or services and how, why and where these can be procured, deployed or used in the wider market.

As with most things, there is no ultimate magic formula to pitching cyber security analysts, but we have put together a range of top tips to help you on your way to writing a successful analyst pitch and landing a briefing.

  • Tailor your approach
  • Give your pitch a focus
  • Make the content engaging
  • Keep those relationships going

By following these simple tips, you’re sure to have an edge when creating a well-crafted pitch that is going to land and get results for your client