Intent on Impact

Strategy and Messaging

We are one of the world’s leading PR cyber specialists drawing on decades of experience to deliver stories and content that drives the sector.

Media Relations

Harnessing our cybersecurity relationships, market knowledge and local insights to create proactive PR campaigns that delivers earned coverage in top tier media anywhere in the world.

Social Media

Everything from developing your social media strategy to creating sticky content to engage your target audience on all the platforms in all the regions.


Researching and writing eBooks, white papers, bylines, and campaign content that reflects your corporate style, is concise and delivers influence in the cyber sector.

Video and Digital

Storyboarding, shooting and editing high quality video and graphic content that captures attention and really speaks to your audiences.

Analyst Relations

Drawing on 2 decades of cyber specialism to build awareness, visibility and engagement amongst the world’s leading cybersecurity industry analysts.


Using our specialist knowledge to deliver research that grabs media attention and acts as the foundation for campaigns that stand out from the crowd.