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Deep Instinct

— Case Studies: Launch & Global

Code Red was appointed in April 2021 to build Deep Instinct’s profile and brand in the UK, French, German and North American markets. Deep Instinct markets and sells the only deep learning cybersecurity platform that predicts and prevents cybersecurity attacks. This case study describes the UK activities and results achieved in the first quarter of engagement.

To launch Deep Instinct into the already crowded end point security market place, to build awareness for its innovative approach to preventing breaches and to evangelise and explain how its deep learning technology was able to go beyond detection and mitigation, to actually prevent even zero day attacks from occurring.

Code Red UK employed a mixture of tactics to build visibility for the company for its Series D funding announcement to introduce its CEO Guy Caspi to the media and also pitched thought leadership articles and interviews with key influencers to explain how deep learning differs from AI and Machine Learning. The focus of the campaign was on IT, Security, Business and National Media as well as on building awareness for the company in the channel press.


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Customer testimonial

Justin Vaughan-Brown of Deep Instinct describes his experience with Code Red

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