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Claroty is an industrial cybersecurity company that helps organisations to identify, manage, and protect their OT, IoT, and IIoT assets from attack. They appointed Code Red in June 2019 to use PR to build the brand in all of the markets outside of the US including the UK, France, Germany and Australia. In February 2020 Singapore was also added to the roster of countries supported.

Code Red was tasked with using PR to build awareness for Claroty globally and to educate the market about the importance of securing OT assets in SCADA infrastructure and supporting the organisation’s ambitious international growth strategy. The aim was to achieve a leading share-of-voice against key competitors Nozomi, Indegy, Dragos and CyberX.

Code Red adopted a wheel and spoke approach to centrally manage and coordinate the PR programme, whilst delivering a localised message via its local Code Red partners. The strategy was to focus on educating the market about the OT and IIoT threat and explain the differences and similarities between IT and OT security.


Earned media placements within first five months of 2020


Thought leadership articles placed


Media interviews secured with Claroty executives

Customer testimonial

Jen Leggio of Claroty describes her experience with Code Red


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