AI appreciation day

It’s AI Appreciation Day: Exploring the Ups and Downs of this Developing Tech

Did you know Sunday, 16th July, was AI Appreciation Day?  

Says who, you might reasonably ask? It may shock you that the day was started by an AI company.  

Still, it’s a good opportunity for us to reflect on the growing impact of AI tools in our field. As a cybersecurity PR and marketing specialist, the security implications of AI have become an increasingly common subject for us.  

We’ve kept a close eye on security developments, such as Apple banning Chat GPT and other LLMs for potentially risking sensitive information, and regulations around banning or restricting certain AI tools. We also recently saw ChatGPT creator OpenAI confirm a significant data breach due to vulnerabilities in the system.   

AI appreciation day


Okay, so we’re not sounding very appreciative of our artificially intelligent friend on AI Appreciation Day so far. The cybersecurity industry does naturally tend to skew towards threats and challenges. We did recently take a more balanced view, weighing up the pros and cons, benefits and risks.  

In addition to AI being an important element of the cybersecurity landscape, at Code Red, we’re also exploring how we can leverage these tools to boost our efficiency and productivity.  

Overall, we’re finding LLMs like ChatGPT to be increasingly useful in various tasks, from content development to coverage analysis.  

Here are some thoughts so far: 

Matt, Content Manager: “This time last year, I was sceptical of AI content tools. I wasn’t sold on the quality, and of course, it felt like a fieldhand eying up a combine harvester. The field has made some astounding advances in just a few months, though, and now I’ve got to grips with them. I’m finding AI tools incredibly useful. ChatGPT is a huge timesaver in repurposing content like blogs, and I’m also exploring its ability to analyse and summarise resources like research reports.”

Shahid, SEO and Content Executive: “AI and especially generative AI is far from replacing human intelligence. When it comes to content, human creativity and thought leadership is second to none. But AI makes the process much easier and more efficient. Whether I am looking to create an outline from a brief, coming up with an awesome analogy, or do some keyword research, AI with some integrated APIs and plug-ins does AN AMAZING JOB. But of course, whenever using such tools, due diligence and caution is a must.”  

Drushti, Content Executive: “I believe that the AI is only as good as the user. The better the input the greater the output! AI has significantly reduced the time I spend on each piece and helped refine the piece to best fit the expectations. Think of AI as a tool to beautify your thoughts, and not something to rely on to come up with new thoughts for you. It is imperative to not let the advances in the field trick you into believing that AI is key. At the end of the day, the human touch and unique thinking are what make a piece stand out from the crowd.”  


Where will AI be this time next year? 

As I’m sure you’ve marked AI Appreciation Day in your calendar by now, it’s interesting to consider where the technology might be the next time it rolls around.  

Some believe advancing AI will leave everyone out of the job – if it doesn’t go full Skynet and try to exterminate us first. But we feel the technology is best viewed as an assistant, not a replacement.  

As long as we humans are treating these tools to enhance our creativity and efficiency, rather than just delegating our tasks to it, we should be fine. Whatever the challenges ahead for the technology, we’ll be eager to explore the new opportunities along with it.  

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