Top Cybersecurity News From October

European Governments Targeted by Rhysida Ransomware: Top Cybersecurity News from Oct 2023

This week’s roundup of top cybersecurity news stories underscores the evolving nature of threats that organizations across various sectors face. From ransomware attacks targeting judicial systems to data breaches affecting airlines and telecom companies, these incidents highlight the urgent need for enhanced security protocols.

Here are the top stories from the second week of October: 

Air Europa Credit Card System Breach

Spanish airline Air Europa suffered a breach in its credit card payment system, potentially exposing sensitive customer data. The breach was confirmed by the airline, which is now working with cybersecurity experts to assess the extent of the damage. The incident underscores the vulnerabilities in payment systems and the need for robust cybersecurity measures in the aviation industry.

AlphV Ransomware Targets Florida Circuit Court

The AlphV (BlackCat) ransomware gang claimed responsibility for an attack on state courts across Northwest Florida. The threat actors allegedly acquired personal details like Social Security numbers and CVs of employees, including judges. The incident highlights the increasing risks posed by ransomware to judicial systems and the need for enhanced security protocols.

Rhysida Ransomware Attacks Portugal and Dominican Republic Governments

A ransomware gang known as Rhysida targeted government institutions in Portugal and the Dominican Republic. The attacks disrupted municipal services and led to the theft of sensitive data. The gang has previously targeted healthcare institutions, showcasing their adaptability and the global threat they pose.

Cyber Attack on Electronics Firm Volex

Volex, a British electronic manufacturer, experienced a cyber attack that led to unauthorized access to some of its IT systems. Although the company does not expect any significant financial impact, the incident has led to a drop in its share prices. The breach highlights the need for comprehensive incident response plans in manufacturing sectors.

Lyca Mobile Investigates Customer Data Leak

Lyca Mobile, a British telecommunications company, is investigating a cyber attack that disrupted its services and may have compromised customer data. The attack affected services in multiple countries and led to an urgent investigation involving third-party IT experts. The incident raises questions about the encryption methods used to protect customer data and the company’s crisis communication strategy.

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