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Careers Week 2023: Leading a Content Team in Cybersecurity PR

Cybersecurity PR and marketing is a very niche and dynamic sector, where true success always depends on a wide range of aspects.  From media liaison to market relations, journalist communications, rapid response, high-profile coverage, and engaging content production – these are just some of the infinite tasks we have to manage every day as a leading cybersecurity PR agency. 

However, not many PR and marketing agencies have an in-house content team. Due to the lack of resources and challenges in attracting qualified talents, content development is often outsourced in our industry. At Code Red, our in-house content team is the foundation of our success and progression. Having an in-house team helps us to ensure that every article, byline, eBook, whitepaper, blog, and research that goes out to the mass media brings an effective and positive output for our clients.

In this year’s National Careers Week, our very own Content Manager Matt Brown talks about his role and shares insights for those wanting to start their journey as content writers.


How did you find yourself in this role? 

Writing has always been my passion and my strongest skill set. When I joined Code Red in the distant days of 2015, I was taken on as a Senior Account Executive before growing to Account Manager. But while I was handling journalist outreach and client meetings and all that good PR activity, it was apparent that my content skills were the best thing I brought to the table. The senior team decided to take a chance and create a dedicated content role for me.  

It proved to be a brilliant move, as five years and change later, I’m still going strong and managing a growing team as well. Having a specialist content team has really changed the way the agency operates, freeing up the PR teams to focus more time on media relations and client strategy.  


Tell us what an average day for you looks like

It varies, but I can tell you it will involve a great deal of time staring at a Word document and drinking a lot of tea. Writing will usually take the lion’s share of my time, and on a good day, I’ll get at least 1,000 words of the final copy down. Opinion articles are my speciality, but I also work on web copy, social posts, eBooks, whitepapers, and all manner of other things.  

As well as hammering away at my keyboard, I’ll often be on calls with our clients, as a direct briefing is the best way to understand their messaging and capture the spokesperson’s voice.   

As Content Manager, I’m also responsible for organising my team, helping support them however I can, and subjecting them to my dad jokes.  


What do you enjoy about working at Code Red? 

We have a fantastic workplace culture here. Between hitting targets and keeping up with the pace of the news, PR can be a very high-stress industry at times. At Code Red there is a real sense of taking a step back to make sure everyone is happy and healthy and able to grow and do their best work. 

I also really enjoy the agency being a cybersecurity PR and marketing specialist. The criminal element gives cyber an edge that most other business and IT sectors lack. I’m deeply interested in understanding how criminal gangs operate and how our clients defend against them.   


What advice would you give someone starting out in content writing?

Practice makes perfect! The best way to improve your skills is to just get down to as much writing as you can. Take any opportunity to write professionally until you find the niche that works for you, and write for fun in the meantime.  

Reading is also really important, and you should try to keep up the habit of reading for pleasure as well as to learn about your professional subject area. It all helps build your vocabulary and communication skills.  


What do you see in Code Red’s future? 

It’s an exciting time for the company right now. Despite the economic challenges, the agency has continued to grow and we’re entering a new phase as our headcount increases, and we move to a larger location. I see very good things ahead as we continue to develop and expand.

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