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AI for Content Creation: The Do’s and The Don’ts

Until recently, the idea of using AI for content creation seemed like a futuristic and faraway concept, but less than a year after ChatGPT took the world by storm, the generative AI market is already worth an estimated $43.87 billion.

Amid some fears of AI taking away jobs from humans, many businesses across all industries are now experimenting with using this new technology to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively than ever. In fact, 99% of all Fortune 500 companies are now using generative AI to some extent.

This is especially true of those in marketing and communications roles, who are discovering that using AI for content creation purposes can kickstart your creative process, speed up your research, and even transform the tone of your writing.

Our resident SEO & AI expert, Mohammad Shahidullah, shares his do’s and don’ts for using generative AI tools to supercharge your content abilities.

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