Cybersecurity: The Best Place to Work

Cybersecurity is an industry that is perpetually understaffed, and there simply aren’t enough qualified applicants to fill the available jobs. Some put this down to the industry’s relative novelty, others to the perception that these jobs all require niche higher qualifications.


How Many Job Positions Are Empty Right Now?

According to several reports, the number of workers needed to fill all the worldwide cybersecurity vacancies is at almost 3 million, and the explosion of the sector during the pandemic has intensified the search.

The rapid digitalization of companies and services in 2020 has led to a lack of professionals to face the difficult task of protecting the infrastructure of our daily lives. Furthermore, every company must be protected: from banks to public institutions, education services, e-commerce platforms, and everything in between. That’s why the biggest companies are keen to attract the talent that is available.

Whatever the case may be, the lack of professionals is notorious and poses a risk to the security of businesses worldwide. Sadly, this is a problem that cannot be solved immediately, as the formation and training of a new generation of professionals won’t happen overnight.


How to Lay the First Stones for the Future of Cybersecurity

Governments, aligned with educational institutions, need to encourage young people to follow the cybersecurity path in their studies. Students should be given the option to study skills such as coding. Furthermore, even for those who don’t choose it as their career, all would benefit from a basic level of cyber security knowledge.

This way, we can make sure that the majority of the population has some know-how about dangers such as phishing and ransomware, how can we protect ourselves against these threats and maintaining basic cyber hygiene habits.

Students will choose the career path that suits them best, but we can still work together to create a first line of defence against cyber attackers in the future.


Virginia Sanz, Co-Founder of eVerythink PR boutique

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