Conquering Pen Y Fan

Conquering Pen Y Fan: Our 2023 Charity Challenge

Last weekend, the intrepid explorers at Code Red came together from Woking, Cornwall and even Boston to climb to the highest point in the Southwest of the UK, hoping to raise funds for the incredible Woking & Sam Beare Hospice.

We set off to Cardiff on Friday and spent a wonderful afternoon at Mountain Yoga to prepare us for the challenge we would be facing the next day.

We thought we were fairly competent at breathing, having done so our whole lives, but the breathwork class taught us otherwise! It turns out that a few small adjustments to your breathing can improve your sleep and focus while also lowering stress and anxiety levels. We immediately put that to the test in the cold-water plunge pool at around 7°C or 44°F.

There’s got to be something to that breathwork stuff, as 4 of us were so determined to stay in the pool the longest that the instructor had to kick us out after 13 minutes! We then dried off and warmed ourselves back up with a wonderful yoga class, and with views like this and such lovely company, it’s easy to feel relaxed.

The next morning, we were up bright, early and armed with Lucozade and Mars bars, ready to take on the climb up Pen Y Fan. After preparing for the worst, the Welsh weather surprised us with clear skies and sunshine all day, making the already beautiful landscape even more spectacular.

The hike wasn’t easy – we faced cramps, blisters, and the realisation that the point we thought was the peak was actually only two-thirds of the way – but with some determination and teamwork, we all made it to the top!

Code Red team at the top of Pen Y Fan

Code Red team at the top of Pen Y Fan

Naturally, the rest of our day was pretty sedentary, with a celebratory pub lunch and some well-deserved drinks. Things only got slightly more animated during a DIY pub quiz made by our very own Ben Brown and an intensely competitive game of Articulate!

Our weekend climging Pen Y Fan was a great opportunity for team building with a team that is spread far and wide, but most importantly, it has helped us raise funds for the incredible Woking & Sam Beare Hospice. You can read more about the charity and our ongoing fundraising efforts on our charity page, and please give anything you can to our JustGiving page to help them continue their vital work supporting those who need it most.

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