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Sore feet, glad hearts

Ah, the weekend. Take it easy. Bit of a lay in, get some light chores done, maybe go get a drink or two or catch up on some TV.

Or you know, spend all day completing a 13.5 mile hike along the British coastline.

As mentioned in my last blog, the Code Red Comms team organised a trek along the Jurassic Coast in memory of our friend and colleague Steve Baker, who passed away from NET cancer last year. Steve loved the outdoors, so it seemed a fitting tribute as well as a way to raise some money and do some good.

First thing’s first, we made it! And most importantly, we have so far raised over £1,500 for Neuroendocrine Cancer UK. Thank you again to everyone who has donated – we’re all incredibly proud and grateful. If you haven’t had the chance to donate yet and would like to contribute, click here.

The walk itself was also a great adventure for the Code Red Comms team. The Jurassic Coast is a beautiful location, and we took the opportunity to check out historic Lyme Regis at the halfway point of our trek.

That said, many of us were in for a rude awakening. The name Jurassic Coast conjures images of walking along a cliff top, enjoying the sun and a gentle sea breeze. We started to realise this wasn’t the case when we encountered a sign proclaiming that “the terrain can be difficult and the walking arduous”.

It turned out to be less of a sunny clifftop walk, more of a jungle trek straight out of well, the Jurassic.

Now, you might say there’s no excuse for this kind of ignorance in today’s digital age. And you’d be absolutely right.

Nevertheless, we made it, and our feet will recover eventually. It felt fantastic to complete the challenge, especially knowing Steve would have been right there leading the way.

We’re already planning our next adventure, although in the meantime we’ll dial it back a bit and just go bowling.

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