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eBook: Inside the Mind of the CISO 2021

Becoming a thought leader is a universal marketing objective for every cyber security company, but how much does it really influence a CISO’s buying behaviour and can it actually contribute to a vendor’s bottom line?

To better understand the answers to these and other questions surrounding thought leadership, Code Red commissioned the first ever global research focusing on its impact across the entire customer lifecycle.

In this eBook you’ll discover the original research findings from an independent survey of 819 senior security decision makers from the UK, US, France, Germany, Benelux, Singapore, UAE, Australia and New Zealand, combined with practical advice on building a thought leadership position stemming from more than two decades of experience in cyber security marketing and PR.

Download your free copy of our latest eBook now to discover:

  • How thought leadership influences cyber security purchasing decisions.
  • A look into the mind of a CISO – how they spend their time and what they want from content.
  • The topics and mediums that make the most successful and influential content.
  • The impact of COVID on the future of thought leadership.
  • Practical steps on becoming an industry guru.
  • Individual viewpoints from CISO and marketing specialists
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