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Robin Campbell-Burt

Code Red Comms UK is a leading security specialist agency. Our experience and understanding of the security sector spans over 25 years, during which time we have worked with established security vendors as well as disruptive start-ups to build thought leadership positions for organisations including: SentinelOne, Duo Security, F-Secure, Thycotic, Trustwave, Bluecoat Systems, Panda Security, Qualys, Entrust, FireEye, Firemon, Corero and many more.

We enjoy close working relationships with influential security analysts and press in the national, vertical, business and IT trade press and have a strong appreciation of the issues attracting the most media attention. Our Payment-by-Results business model means that we share the risk and rewards with our clients, driving a completely different dynamic between agency and client. Instead of waiting for our clients to suggest ideas we take the lead in creating newsworthy initiatives and each quarter we prove our value again and again.

Agency Name: Code Red Communications UK Ltd

Contact Name: Robin Campbell-Burt

Address: The Old Stables, Rectory Farm, Broadway Road, Lightwater, Surrey GU18 5SH, UK


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