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Manuel Hüttl

Sugarandspice Communications is the sweet flavour of strategy development perfectly blended with the spicy science of data analytics. We analyze behaviour patterns, your target audience and adjust all our marketing efforts to fit the requirements and objectives of your clients seamlessly.

Our content is built on the foundation of storytelling, and we ensure that our creative campaigns tie into organic and paid media alike. Our world is not only about selling but also enriching the overall experience of your audience. InfoSec is in our mindset since more than 25 years.

We supported organisations of all mankind: form data protection through data security, from software towards consulting, from direct sales through channel – we developed a black book of great contacts to third party voice, public affairs and hold Board Member roles in influencial organisations.

Agency Name: Sugarandspice communications

Contact Name: Manuel Hüttl, Managing Director

Address: Landwehrstr. 37 D-80336 Munich

Phone: 0049-160-5545152

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