Intent on Success

Case Study Raising the profile of Vectra’s profile within the UK’s Media

The agency was appointed by Vectra in March 2018 with the objective of raising its profile within UK Media and establishing the company as thought leaders in the area of automated threat hunting and AI.

Through a series of proactive media campaigns, combined with an efficient process for generating breaking news commentary, Vectra’s spokespeople have become valued media contributors on cyber security issues ranging from how AI can be used to fight cyber attacks through to the latest regulatory requirements that organisations need to adhere to in order to protect data. 

Share of Voice is a key metric for Vectra as they seek to position themselves as the leader in the market against its core competitor. Prior to working with the agency, Vectra were behind their competitor, Darktrace. However, since engaging with éclat, Vectra achieved leading SoV with 54.86% and this position was maintained throughout the following 2 years.

The Campaign Delivered!

leading Share of Voice
media reach increase in 2019 compared to 2018
increase in coverage in 2019

Case Study Building up Claroty as a global brand

Claroty is an industrial cybersecurity company that helps organisations to identify, manage, and protect their OT, IoT, and IIoT assets from attack. They appointed Code Red in June 2019 to use PR to build the brand in all of the markets outside of the US including the UK, France, Germany and Australia. In February 2020 Singapore was also added to the roster of countries supported.

Code Red was tasked with using PR to build awareness for Claroty globally and to educate the market about the importance of securing OT assets in SCADA infrastructure and supporting the organisation’s ambitious international growth strategy. The aim was to achieve a leading share-of-voice against key competitors Nozomi, Indegy, Dragos and CyberX.

Code Red adopted a wheel and spoke approach to centrally manage and coordinate the PR programme, whilst delivering a localised message via its local Code Red partners. The strategy was to focus on educating the market about the OT and IIoT threat and explain the differences and similarities between IT and OT security.

Building the brand outside the US

Earned media placements within first five months of 2020
Thought leadership articles placed
Media interviews secured with Claroty executives

Case Study Skurio – Shining a light into the Dark Web

In 2019 Skurio completed a corporate rebrand and needed to elevate its profile and communicate the brand’s new messaging to security professionals and channel partners.

Beyond the rebrand it was essential to establish a thought leadership position for Skurio’s Digital Risk Platform – an early warning system that alerted clients to any sensitive corporate data being exfiltrated onto the Dark or Open web.

Code Red was appointed because of its intimate understanding of the cybersecurity market, excellent media and analyst contacts, and strong copywriting credentials.

The strategy focused around gaining quality rather than volume of coverage in the tier one media.

Uniquely, a journalist ‘war games’ workshop was organised to educate the media, build relationships and demonstrate the ease and speed with which misinformation could be distributed around the Dark Web.

Other campaigns focused on specific vertical sectors such as the legal and charity sectors as well as gaining momentum from rapid response to breaking news.

The campaign was a success:

delivering 9 national and broadcast articles
a readership reach of 10 million
141 pieces of coverage

Case Study Delinea Global CISO Research – Benchmarking Security Gaps & Privileged Access

Delinea and Code Red produced a research project among IT security decision makers that sought to uncover what IT security leaders are doing to reduce the risk of a privileged account or identity-based attack.

Code Red devised, project managed and co-ordinated the global PR outreach for the research initiative with each region tailoring the press release and media outreach to take into account their local media perspectives and journalist interests. The objectives were to:

Generate hard data for news stories, targeting business and IT security press

Position Delinea as a thought leader on a cutting edge, topical issue

Provide opportunities for Delinea spokespersons to discuss the emerging topic of identity

Generate leads through the distribution of the Research Report

The resulting research, which spanned 19 countries and 16 industries, revealed how people close to the privileged access process feel about their progress, what obstacles stand in their way, and gave insight into where they seek to make investments for the future.

The Campaign Delivered!

Countries included in research
Pieces of media coverage secured globally
Total online coverage views

Case Study Launching Raytheon Professional Services’ Cyber Security Apprenticeship programme

The agency was taken on to provide marketing content, PR and social media outreach for the launch of Raytheon Professional Services’ Cyber Security Apprenticeship programme. 

The main objective was to support Raytheon in taking on corporate clients for the new programme, as well as provide assistance in signing up apprenticeship candidates.

The social media campaign saw the team take over the accounts of Steve Thompson, the Business Development Director EMEA at Raytheon, with the aim of boosting his profile as a thought leader and capturing new leads, This was achieved using a two pronged approach: 

Social Selling – Reaching out and connecting with key targets from Raytheon’s database and initiating dialogue to set up meetings and calls.
Social Media Management – Drafting and posting thought leadership blogs, discussion points, collateral, links, and other relevant media to improve visibility, exposure and engagement.

New audiences Reached!

increase in followers
increase in profile views
increase in profile searches

Case Study Deep Instinct: ‘Dangerous Disconnects: The Pitfalls of CFO and CISO Cyber Risk Misalignment’

This project sought to examine how different stakeholders within enterprises quantify risk and the decision-making process behind paying a ransom. After hearing anecdotally that some organisations have started to add a line into their budgets for the paying of a ransomware demand, we decided to examine how well businesses plan for the possibility of a damaging cyber-attack.  

We examined how proficient companies are at quantifying potential costs and how they currently seek to mitigate the potential damage. The research, which was devised and project managed by the Code Red team, was developed in two phases:

Phase One – Qualitative interviews of 30-45 minutes each with four CROs and four CFOs of mid to large sized businesses (250+ employees).
Phase Two – Quantitative research amongst 100 senior IT security decision makers and 100 senior financial decision makers. 

To support the launch of the research to the media, alongside a formal press release and subsequent media interviews and thought leadership pieces, Code Red wrote an eBook and accompanying blog.

The campaign had an impact!

Total Monthly Website Visits
Total Monthly Unique Website Visitors
Total Online Coverage Views

Case Study Helping WithSecure’ secure Salesforce

In 2022, Code Red was tasked with creating content to help promote WithSecure’s capabilities in securing Salesforce. A thought leadership eBook was the main focus, but WithSecure also required a range of supporting content including social posts, ads and blogs. 

WithSecure wanted to highlight its Cloud Protection for Salesforce solution, as well as its status as a thought leader and trusted advisor on all things related to securing Salesforce environments. 

The focus of the campaign was an 3,400 word ebook titled ‘The anatomy of a Salesforce supply chain attack’, which explored how threat actors can exploit the extended third-party Salesforce environment and connectivity features to evade security defences.

Since its launch, the Salesforce supply chain project has been a successful lead generator for WithSecure’s Salesforce security solutions. Downloads for the eBook and engagements from the supporting webinar and social campaign have helped fill a pipeline for the Cloud Protection for Salesforce solution and WithSecure’s expertise in the field. 

The ‘go to’ agency for campaigns delivered!

eBook downloads since launch
likes on related LinkedIn posts
webinar registrations