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Getting the attention of decision makers in the fast growing and fiercely competitive cybersecurity sector is tough – especially if you are progressing into new territories or sectors.

You need a Cybersecurity PR Specialist

Unparalleled expertise, depth of contacts, cut-through content.

We are one of the world’s leading cybersecurity PR and marketing specialists drawing on decades of experience to deliver stories and content that drive the sector.

We get you that attention because our mature global network provides both local and global impact.

You need a Global Network

Global strategy, efficient management, local impact.

We deliver on the ground local impact, coordinated by a single global hub that ensures messaging is strategically sound, consistently delivered, and efficiently managed.

Our embedded client teams mean fast turnaround results tied to deep client knowledge, and our unique payment by results commitment means we really do put our money where our mouth is.

You need an Embedded Team

Faster turnaround, deeper understanding, relevant content.

By embedding key agency specialists into client teams, we create richer and more engaging content, delivered rapidly but still reflecting a depth of knowledge of the clients’ business.

With over two decades of specialised Cybersecurity PR and marketing experience, every facet of Code Red has been developed for the sole purpose of making you visible and credible to decision makers.

You get Payment By Results

Trackable, shared risk, investor friendly.

Our services are underpinned by a unique payment by results model that allows clients and investors to track results and, as a portion of our fees will only be paid if targets are hit – we share the risk too.

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Core Services

Strategy and Messaging

Differentiating your messages from competitors and resonating with relevance to your audiences are the fundamental building blocks of our approach to messaging and communications. 

Core Services

Media Relations

Harnessing our cybersecurity relationships, market knowledge and local insights to create proactive PR campaigns that delivers earned coverage in top tier media anywhere in the world.

Core Services

Social Media

Everything from developing your social media strategy to creating sticky content to engage your target audience on all the platforms in all the regions.

Core Services


Researching and writing eBooks, white papers, bylines, and campaign content that reflects your corporate style, is concise and delivers influence in the cyber sector.

Core Services

Video and Digital

Storyboarding, shooting and editing high quality video and graphic content that captures attention and really speaks to your audiences.

Core Services

Analyst Relations

Drawing on 2 decades of cyber specialism to build awareness, visibility and engagement amongst the world’s leading cybersecurity industry analysts.

Core Services


Using our specialist knowledge to deliver research that grabs media attention and acts as the foundation for campaigns that stand out from the crowd.


Code Red’s ambition is to be the only option for cybersecurity companies wanting to engage with new customers, better connect to existing customers, and meet ambitious growth targets. If that ambition strikes a chord with you, why not drop us your details?

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